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Archive for December 2010


CBS World News



Not sure if its a stool or a table perhap both. Nevertheless it's awesome and will be a new fixture in the shop. Thanks JC. image


Bicycle Tree of Vashon Island


Alex 30-2

During the winter months we here at HGC like to play a little Call of Duty. That being said this is a video montage put together by of the best COD players I know. These poor kids had no Idea what they were in for

Bicycle Bungee

A good quick way to get run over by a friend.


Detroit 874

Just received my pair of Limited edition Detroit 874 pants from Dickies!


874 vs. Unemployment

Dickies is selling 5,000 pairs of special edition Detroit 874 Work Pants exclusively on its website,, for a purchase price of $50 per pair (with free shipping in the U.S.). For each pair of Detroit 874s sold, Dickies will donate one pair of Original 874 Work Pants to The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit to benefit unemployed workers in the metro Detroit area. To launch the program, Dickies made an inaugural contribution of 5,000 pairs of Original 874s and a monetary donation of $25,000 to The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit. If all 5,000 pairs of special edition Detroit 874s are sold, Dickies will have donated 10,000 pairs of Original 874s to The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit to assist Detroit workers in need. The Detroit 874 is available for purchase beginning Sept. 21 and will be available while supplies last. Retail value of the donated Original 874s is estimated between $20-$25 per pair, for a total retail value of up to $250,000 worth of donated garments.