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Archive for May 2011

May 29, 2011 Posted by admin in video

Danny MacAskill Capetown


Pontiac FD

This is awesome,  the picture came in today courtesy of Drew from Pontiac Fire Department. Thanks Drew, and Justin too for snapping the picture.


A Hubs Resurgence

A few weeks back I wrote a post about a wheel I found outside a local bike shop that was tossed to the trash, the wheel was tossed out because it was badly bent and unrideable.  Other than a small spot in the rim, and a few spokes, the wheels parts were in good condition.  I used the rim for business card holders, as for the hub and spokes they had been sitting in a parts box for a few weeks, until today...

I rebuilt the wheel and now this garbage hub has found a new home under this Burley Tandem.


Helmet cam

Funny - Funny Videos


HGC stickers

Just received our first order of stickers get yours at our online store.


Bit cramped

Nothing like a little leg room on your way to school. I wonder what its like flying coach in their country.


MDOT jingle

Here is MDOT's attempt to get folks to think about alternative transportation.


Felt F5

This felt F5 made its way into the shop tonight after the cable broke off inside the shifter.  Justin from HomeGrown Emergency/ productions made a guest appearance staring as shifter holder.  The position of the cable end made it difficult to work out, but as Justin put it " There was just a lot of wiggling and jiggling to get it in the right position".  After said wiggling and jiggling out came the cable head, and in went the new one inch housing.  A last minute repair before before we head north to the woods of Leota.  Thanks to John from Royal Oak for the business, enjoy the ride.


Royal Oak Bike Shop

Free Pickup

Our mobile bicycle shop services the oakland county area. Free pickup and delivery is available to Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham, Ferndale, Plesant Ridge, and Huntington Woods.

Rims of the modern area

Here is a video of the manufacturing process of bicycle rims made by H Plus Son in china, the process isn't quite as elegant as the wooden rims of Cerchio Ghisallo.

Production from H Plus Son on Vimeo.


Rims of the old world

Cerchio Ghisallo makes some of the worlds finest wooden rims and have been for many many years. her is a video of the proceess.


Shop Junk

While out getting dog food the other day I came across this wheel set sitting outside a local bike shop.

While the rim will never be ridden again all its other parts are in working order. The wheel apparently wasn't worth the shops time so I decided to make their trash my business opportunity!

Viola 32 spokes, nipples, 14 business card holders, and 1 lightly used rear hub.


Bearing Abuse

This is a picture of a standard bicycle axel (courtesy of sheldon brown), notice the cones are nice and smooth, this is what allows the bearings inside your wheels hub to glide smoothly. The cone and bearings of a hub assembly live a relatively peaceful life, the bearing caked in grease rolls smoothly over the cone with minimal friction.  Routine maintenance to your bicycle will greatly increase thechances of a long happy cone and bearing relationship.  If not properly cared for cone and bearings peaceful relationship will soon become strained and possibly lead to a domestic disturbance such was the case below.

Get your bicycle serviced don't let your cone become victim to bearing abuse. If you or any cone you know has become victim to bearing abuse get help now don't delay call 1-248-677-1360. Help is just a phone call away.