Advanced Tune-up.

The following is a description of what is included in an advanced tune up at HGC.

First, we do a quick visual inspection of the bicycle to determine what the needs immediate attention. For example, recently a Gary Fisher made its way to the shop and it was quite evident that the chain was in need of some attention.


It was quite rusted and the chain checker wear indicator showed it had greater than 1% wear. One percent may not sound like a lot, but in terms of chain wear, it is. Its recommended that chains be replaced once they reach .75 of 1% wear or more.  sounds a bit complicated but If you have a chain checker then its just a matter of if it fits or not.

When it comes to the drive train (which includes rear sprocket, rear derailleur, chain rings, and chain)  you want to replace the cheapest part first. In the case of the aforementioned Gary Fisher, it was the chain, and soon the sprockets and chainrings will begin to wear and need to be replaced.


Next was the removal of the rear derailleur and straightening of the derailleur hanger to ensure proper smooth shifting.

Removal of the shifter to allow replacement of cables. This shifter is in great condition and only required a small amount of grease and was reassembled.

Then both wheels are removed and precision trued.

Next the front end of the bike is removed and the head set bearings are inspected for wear. This bike's bearings were in good condition, other than dirt that had collected over time. The bearings and head set cups were cleaned out and repacked with greased.

All clean.

Once cleaned and greased the front end is reassembled. Next is the break and derailleur adjustments, housing lube, bottom bracket inspection, and a quick clean and polish.

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