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Pino Morroni framebuilding jig

Selling the classic pino jig. Call if interested


Now and Then.


Then (2009).


Ciocc bicycle factory



Check out the folks over at goCRUSIERgo they make hand-made custom stretched beach cruisers and accessories here in Metro Detroit.  Contact Stacy at

check their Facebook page for more info.


info from their web store.

Stretched Beach Cruiser including custom hand built frame designed and made by goCRUISERgo.

Made-to-order custom built stretched beach cruiser (photos are an example of a previously sold bike). All of our frames are hand built on a frame jib to ensure straightness. Customizations for this model ("Herman") include molded sheet metal detailing hand hammered on a form, wheels, tires, seat, grips, upgraded chain, customized handle bars and hand built frame by goCRUISERgo.

Additional/less customizations as well as a frame only (unpainted) options are available, please inquire. (pricing may vary)

Local pick-up available (Metro Detroit, MI Area). Shipping costs may vary depending on location.

Please do not hesitate to message us for additional information and or details.

Thank you for your interest -

Todd and Stacy goCRUISERgo

check their Facebook page for more info.


CTC 1955



Hard Labor Fantasy Camp.

After 3 weeks of work at the fattic shop I finished 2 commuter style bicycles.



Brazing up a commuter.



So I have received this voice mail the other night from an "Unknown" number.

I don't know who this individual is and was a bit confused by the message, as I haven't repaired a child's bike since May. Besides, why would the pedal be coming off in the middle of winter?

I keep record of all the repairs I do, and this didn't fit the description of any of the repairs I had done.  Furthermore, why didn't he leave a return phone number, or a name for that matter?

The next day the good folks over at Michigan Bicycle Services (to whom I have no affiliation ) called to let me know someone came into their shop looking for my (HGC) Insurance information, thinking I work with their shop. The alleged customer claimed I did a repair on their child's bicycle and the chain broke, now the child is in the hospital.

A few things didn't  add up.

1. If I did a repair for this person he/she would know I am not affiliated with Michigan Bicycle Services ( though the owner was quite pleasant on the phone).

2. The original claim was a pedal, now it's the chain, neither specified details such as the day of service or customer name.

3. No return phone number for the "victim".

Then I found this on our yelp page, and I'm starting to think there are some ulterior motives.

Update: Turns out this was a certain bike shop owner who has been harassing other bike shops in the area. Not sure why you would to want make enemies with other shops there are plenty of repairs to go around. We know who you are and will not recommend you when customers ask where to buy a bicycle.


home·grown  (homgron)


1. Raised or grown at home.
2. Originating in or characteristic of a locality:

Dorais Velodrome Detroit

Early morning sunrise over  the Dorais velodrome in Detroit.


Computing Across America.

Just finished a book called Computing Across America.  Below is a video with the basic rundown of what the book is all about.  Defiantly an Interesting person Steven Roberts, if you wan to read it I will mail it to you just send your address to and its yours.


Think snow!


Detroit Scraps Light rail.

Rapid bus system. Is this what south east Michigan needs?

via craig fable show Facebook


HGC day of fun.

This is how we moved 1287 lb of solid granite. long day.


Philly bike expo

Off to the philly bike expo.


Bicycle Repair Man!

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Super Bicycle Repair Man.


Human Bike.


Reality Sucks...Or Does It?

GM ran this ad  in college campus news papers.  



This is the reality of it.





Mountain Biker vs. Wild

October 6, 2011 Posted by admin in bikes

October ride.

image image

Great day for a ride.  Hit the trail then get home to watch the Tigers.


Now Open

Back in the shop taking appointments. Thanks for your patients it has been a busy month for the HomeGrown Family.

Shop disaster

This person really wanted a bike.



HGC will not be taking appointments from September 19 until September 26th. Thank You.


"You went  undefeated in the preseason, this means squat! "

sincerely yours,

~Lions 2008.

Good luck.

Go Lions.



Giant Rapid.


It has been a while since we have posted. Here is what's currently in the bike rack. Carries Giant Rapid.