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Bicycle Service

HGC offers a full range of tune ups for all budgets, whether its a quick fix or an over haul, we can get you back in the saddle. We inspect the frame/fork/wheels, hardware check for torque & safety, and frame wipe-down. We gratefully accept donations of used bicycles and parts. Steel bicycle frame repair available. Tig welding silver and brass brazing services available.


Ultrasonic cleaning can prolong the life of expensive parts while improving the performance of the bicycle. Scrubbing or spray washing cannot clean chains or derailleurs as thoroughly as ultrasonics. There is no more thorough method of cleaning than ultrasonics.

This process uses no petroleum solvents and gets deep into every nook and cranny. this service is included with advanced tune up level and above.


Whether you ride for leisure or as your primary mode of transportation, a tune-up will make your bike safer, run smoother, and last longer.

Basic adjustment 

Recommended for bikes that don't need a full tune up
  1. break cables  and pads adjusted
  2. derailleur cables and limits set and adjusted
  3. chain lubed
  4. tires inflated to proper pressure
  5. frame and fork wiped down

Basic Tune-Up 

Recommended for new bikes or minimally to moderately ridden bicycles.

  1. Component safety check
  2. Adjustment of cable actuated brakes and derailleurs
  3. Minor wheel truing (on bike wheel true)
  4. Lubrication of cables and chain
  5. Tire inspection and inflation

Drive-train Tune-Up 

Recommended for older bikes, Includes Basic Tune-Up plus the following:

  1. Regreasing/tightening of all crank, headset, or hub bearings
  2. Brake or derailleur cable replacement.
  3. Derailleur's and chain removed and washed
  4. Derailleur hanger alignment.

Complete Overhaul 

Complete rebuild of a bike from the ground up. Includes Drivetrain Overhaul plus the following:
  1. Removal, hot soap water cleaning and regreasing of all components
  2. Facing of bottom bracket shell and head tube (if necessary)
  3. Installation of new cables and housing
  4. Complete re-assembly of cleaned parts to original or new frame

BMX Tune-Up

Complete safety check and minor cleaning of frame and fork.

  1. Inspection and adjustment of bottom bracket, brakes, crank set, hubs, pedals, and freewheel.
  2. Minor wheel truing.
  3. Lube cables and chain.

Child's Bike (16" Wheel or Smaller) Tune-Up 

For single speed bikes.
  1. Complete safety check and wipe down.
  2. Inspect and adjust brakes and drive-train, re-lube as needed.
  3. Tighten all connections and fasteners.

Individual Service Fees:

These a la carte charges do not include the cost of parts themselves.

Bike Building

  1. Build a boxed bike
  2. Box a bike for shipping.

Wheels, Tires and Tubes

  1. Install tire and/or tube
  2. Install tire tube (bolt on wheel)
  3. Wheel truing prices vary depending on severity of bend

Chain and Cassette

  1. Install new chain
  2. Install new cassette or freewheel

Handlebar and Grips

  1. Install road handlebars
  2. Install Mt. bike handlebars
  3. Install new grips
  4. Re-wrap road bars
  5. Brakes
  1. Adjust brake
  2. Install cable and adjust brake
  3. Install caliper or lever
  4. Install new brake pads and adjust
  5. Install new disk brake pads


  1. Adjust headset
  2. Install new headset
  3. Overhaul headset

Derailleur and Shifting

  1. Install cable and adjust
  2. Front or Rear derailleur adjustment
  3. Install shifters
  4. Install derailleur
  1. Install standard computer
  2. Install advanced computer (i.e. Shimano flight deck)
  3. Install new battery and reprogram
  4. Install baby seat and rack
  5. Install and adjust training wheels
If a repair isn't listed, we base our prices on a $40/hr service rate. Call or email us for more info.   There is a $20 per month storage fee for any bicycle not claimed within 30-days after repair is completed.


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    April 9, 2011 4:53 pmPosted 7 years ago
    Kristy Deskovitz

    I’m interested in shipping my bike to Colorado where I live now. I would like to get it tuned up and shipped. Is this something you guys would handle for me?
    Kristy Deskovitz

    • April 9, 2011 5:03 pmPosted 7 years ago
      Al (Author)

      absolutely! you can pick a day for us to pick it up by going to our scheduler just pick up a tune up and put shipping in the comment box. If there isn’t a day that works you can call 248-677-1360 and we will work something out.

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    December 5, 2013 1:55 pmPosted 4 years ago
    Diane Williams

    Hi! My daughter has 2 vintage Raleigh bicycles (1 ladies, 1 men’s) that need restoration. Not sure exactly how old they are but they are at least 40-50, years old, I think. Do you do this kind of work? If so, I would like to get a gift card or voucher for her to get the project started. Could you provide that? If you need more info or pictures, please let me know! Many thanks, Diane Williams

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