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we support environmental change

Detroit Scraps Light rail.

Rapid bus system. Is this what south east Michigan needs?

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Morning rush



Prices are on the rise..Get the bike out and ride. But you may need a tune-up first. Don't want to drive your bike to a shop for a repair or tune-up? No worries! Save your gas money and let us come and pick up your bicycle. We'll service it and deliver it as well. Free pick up and delivery in Royal Oak and the surrounding areas.


Earth day

Happy earth day. Unplug your computer and go ride a bike.

Could be worse.

In Kirkwood, ca they received  12 feet of new snow in a week there total snow fall of 475 inches. In the detroit area only 41.7 inches, which means most of it has melted and the roads are clear to ride...



The big letdown

Detroit was anticipating 12-15 inches of snow.  we received a whopping  6 inches and our friends to the west got all the glory. Here is a local snow time lapse of the letdown.


Boxed Water

I was recently at my local coffee shop when I was shocked to see water in a box.  The most surprising thing is that it seemed almost too simple of an idea.  I was happy to find that  The Boxed Water Is Better company is located in Grand Rapids, we here at HGC like to support local business, especially those who are doing their part.  20 percent of their profits go towards water relief, and  forest restoration federations.  I generally don't drink bottled water since It's easy enough to get it from the tap, but i would be amazed to find that 20 percent of my water bill is going towards such a cause. Read more