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General Jargon

Black Friday free ride

Building The New Shop

Hey everyone! Just a note to thank you all for following HomeGrown Cycles through the years... AND to share some exciting new! HGC is growing! We are proud to announce we have joined with Motorless City Bicycle Co and have a shop opening in Eastern Market later this month: 1343 E Fisher Freeway. Please stay tuned for details... Come check us out and say hello! We will be expanding our services as a part of MCBC to include retail and frame fabrication while still providing you with the same quality of bicycle repairs you've come to know. See you soon.....  

Shop closed.

HomeGrown Cycles will be closed until july 17th.


Spring is here.

Having trouble?  Give us a call.


Shop updates

Today the shop received a much needed upgrade. I installed a furnace after first knocking a hole through the cinder block wall.  Four hours of hammer and chisel the furnace fit like a glove.  Next up, dig a 100 foot long trench and lay some black pipe.



IMG_20140120_225728_332 IMG_20140119_221032_757


Brooks Cambium C17 limited

Brooks has is making a limited run of their new non leather saddle.  Get More info at Bicycle Times.

Get your limited edition C17 Here.

Rubber infused with cotton

Rubber infused with cotton

Winter 2013

Cold weather means less repairs in the shop and more time for pond hockey.  I spent most my time on the ice. #cantstop

Pond hockey 1Pond hockey 2


Cardboard Bicycle


Four shillings a week


Stage Two.

Stage two goed to Mark Cavendish. This is his 21st Tour De France stage win.

Cavendish wins 21st stage win.


Stage one.

Stage one win goes to this clown, Peter Sagan.  The only reason he won is because he drafted off Fabian Cancellara all the way up the last climb.  Congrats. Peter Sagan stage win

Peters chicken wing victory dance.

Opening time trial

Day one time trial winner.

First Yellow jersey of the Tour and for the 5th time : Fabian Cancellara


Let Le Tour Begin

Tour de france

Combination unknown

New shop project. Trying to figure out the combination to this lock image

Thunderdrome 2012

Mark your calendar DORAIS VELODROME: JUNE 30TH, 2012 Thunderdrome logo


Gone Fishing.

HGC will be out of town until Sunday May 6th, repairs will resume on monday if you would like to schedule a pickup email us a day and time that works for you.


Pedal to the people

More Chicago cyclists giving mobile bike repair a spin

via chicago tribune

Love to see more and more mobile repairs popping up around the country.  Support your local Mobile Bike Shop!


Detroit Bike City

Heading down to the swap meet this weekend.


Pino Morroni framebuilding jig

Selling the classic pino jig. Call if interested


Now and Then.


Then (2009).



Brazing up a commuter.



So I have received this voice mail the other night from an "Unknown" number.

I don't know who this individual is and was a bit confused by the message, as I haven't repaired a child's bike since May. Besides, why would the pedal be coming off in the middle of winter?

I keep record of all the repairs I do, and this didn't fit the description of any of the repairs I had done.  Furthermore, why didn't he leave a return phone number, or a name for that matter?

The next day the good folks over at Michigan Bicycle Services (to whom I have no affiliation ) called to let me know someone came into their shop looking for my (HGC) Insurance information, thinking I work with their shop. The alleged customer claimed I did a repair on their child's bicycle and the chain broke, now the child is in the hospital.

A few things didn't  add up.

1. If I did a repair for this person he/she would know I am not affiliated with Michigan Bicycle Services ( though the owner was quite pleasant on the phone).

2. The original claim was a pedal, now it's the chain, neither specified details such as the day of service or customer name.

3. No return phone number for the "victim".

Then I found this on our yelp page, and I'm starting to think there are some ulterior motives.

Update: Turns out this was a certain bike shop owner who has been harassing other bike shops in the area. Not sure why you would to want make enemies with other shops there are plenty of repairs to go around. We know who you are and will not recommend you when customers ask where to buy a bicycle.

HGC day of fun.

This is how we moved 1287 lb of solid granite. long day.


Philly bike expo

Off to the philly bike expo.


Bicycle Repair Man!

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Super Bicycle Repair Man.