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General Jargon


Rims of the old world

Cerchio Ghisallo makes some of the worlds finest wooden rims and have been for many many years. her is a video of the proceess.


Shop Junk

While out getting dog food the other day I came across this wheel set sitting outside a local bike shop.

While the rim will never be ridden again all its other parts are in working order. The wheel apparently wasn't worth the shops time so I decided to make their trash my business opportunity!

Viola 32 spokes, nipples, 14 business card holders, and 1 lightly used rear hub.


Bearing Abuse

This is a picture of a standard bicycle axel (courtesy of sheldon brown), notice the cones are nice and smooth, this is what allows the bearings inside your wheels hub to glide smoothly. The cone and bearings of a hub assembly live a relatively peaceful life, the bearing caked in grease rolls smoothly over the cone with minimal friction.  Routine maintenance to your bicycle will greatly increase thechances of a long happy cone and bearing relationship.  If not properly cared for cone and bearings peaceful relationship will soon become strained and possibly lead to a domestic disturbance such was the case below.

Get your bicycle serviced don't let your cone become victim to bearing abuse. If you or any cone you know has become victim to bearing abuse get help now don't delay call 1-248-677-1360. Help is just a phone call away.

Loose Bearings

"My extreme dislike for loose bearings burns with the passion of a thousand suns." partial quote David wedzel.


Prices are on the rise..Get the bike out and ride. But you may need a tune-up first. Don't want to drive your bike to a shop for a repair or tune-up? No worries! Save your gas money and let us come and pick up your bicycle. We'll service it and deliver it as well. Free pick up and delivery in Royal Oak and the surrounding areas.


bike tent

This bike trailer is said to be available at target I have't yet found it, but would love to give it a try.


Random tip tuesday

Don't use an old style shimano freewheel on campagnolo, shimano Dura Ace or similar hubs it comes off only after removing axle from other side. Sutherland.

Little Yellow

Were thinking about adding to our fleet. Introducing Little Yellow.


Red Planet Bicycle Collective

The Red Planet Bicycle Collective mission is to mobilize the Seven Mile and Woodward area by providing access to donated bikes, tools and parts, and teach bicycle repair. Through hands on workshops the community will learn road safety and how to build and maintain a bicycle.

For more info check out Fireweed Universe City...

Please email MARS.IS.LOVE@GMAIL.COM to donate or with questions....

Please bring any donations to INNATE HEALING ARTS CENTER, 18700 Woodward Ave Detroit MI, 48203

4 blocks south of Seven Mile Rd on Woodward.


Off the Beaten Track

The Thunderdrome was highlighted in this months Bicycling Magazine .

For decades, an old cycling treasure lay buried in one of Detroit's most godforsaken neighborhoods. Then one day, someone rediscovered it.



By Mike Magnuson

HGC Free delivery zone

The red shaded area represents communities that Big Yellow will pick up repairs for free.




Chilean mountain bike race


Could be worse.

In Kirkwood, ca they received  12 feet of new snow in a week there total snow fall of 475 inches. In the detroit area only 41.7 inches, which means most of it has melted and the roads are clear to ride...



Best of the Super Bowl


The big letdown

Detroit was anticipating 12-15 inches of snow.  we received a whopping  6 inches and our friends to the west got all the glory. Here is a local snow time lapse of the letdown.


1% for the planet | Sweetpea bicycles


Old man winter.

Ride on old man.

Winter is here.

During the long winter months we here at HGC have some extra time on our hands,  this is a great time for site improvements and over hauls. Let us know what you think of the new site feel.

CBS World News



Not sure if its a stool or a table perhap both. Nevertheless it's awesome and will be a new fixture in the shop. Thanks JC. image


Bicycle Tree of Vashon Island


Alex 30-2

During the winter months we here at HGC like to play a little Call of Duty. That being said this is a video montage put together by of the best COD players I know. These poor kids had no Idea what they were in for

Bicycle Bungee

A good quick way to get run over by a friend.


Detroit 874

Just received my pair of Limited edition Detroit 874 pants from Dickies!