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Shop updates

Today the shop received a much needed upgrade. I installed a furnace after first knocking a hole through the cinder block wall.  Four hours of hammer and chisel the furnace fit like a glove.  Next up, dig a 100 foot long trench and lay some black pipe.



IMG_20140120_225728_332 IMG_20140119_221032_757


Spring is in the Air

It has been a crazy spring.

 A big thanks to all of our customers that help us keep our doors open and able to service bicycles in our community.

repair tags

repair tags


Spring time repairs

Shop is humming along with spring time repairs.  Get yours in now while turn around times are quick. book appointment! image

Now and Then.


Then (2009).


Shop Shot


Cannondale Raven


Cannondale super v Raven700


In the rack.


Schwinn frontier.



Raleigh Passage 4.0



Put  a new work bench in the shop, and soon to be accompanied by a new park stand. installed new electrical outlets and lighting (not shown)...


A Hubs Resurgence

A few weeks back I wrote a post about a wheel I found outside a local bike shop that was tossed to the trash, the wheel was tossed out because it was badly bent and unrideable.  Other than a small spot in the rim, and a few spokes, the wheels parts were in good condition.  I used the rim for business card holders, as for the hub and spokes they had been sitting in a parts box for a few weeks, until today...

I rebuilt the wheel and now this garbage hub has found a new home under this Burley Tandem.


Royal Oak Bike Shop

Free Pickup

Our mobile bicycle shop services the oakland county area. Free pickup and delivery is available to Royal Oak, Berkley, Birmingham, Ferndale, Plesant Ridge, and Huntington Woods.

Shop Junk

While out getting dog food the other day I came across this wheel set sitting outside a local bike shop.

While the rim will never be ridden again all its other parts are in working order. The wheel apparently wasn't worth the shops time so I decided to make their trash my business opportunity!

Viola 32 spokes, nipples, 14 business card holders, and 1 lightly used rear hub.


Bearing Abuse

This is a picture of a standard bicycle axel (courtesy of sheldon brown), notice the cones are nice and smooth, this is what allows the bearings inside your wheels hub to glide smoothly. The cone and bearings of a hub assembly live a relatively peaceful life, the bearing caked in grease rolls smoothly over the cone with minimal friction.  Routine maintenance to your bicycle will greatly increase thechances of a long happy cone and bearing relationship.  If not properly cared for cone and bearings peaceful relationship will soon become strained and possibly lead to a domestic disturbance such was the case below.

Get your bicycle serviced don't let your cone become victim to bearing abuse. If you or any cone you know has become victim to bearing abuse get help now don't delay call 1-248-677-1360. Help is just a phone call away.

Random tip Tuesday

Do not use the park tool crank extractor on pre 1982 stronglight cranks. Have a nice day. Sutherland

Advanced Tune-up.

The following is a description of what is included in an advanced tune up at HGC.

First, we do a quick visual inspection of the bicycle to determine what the needs immediate attention. For example, recently a Gary Fisher made its way to the shop and it was quite evident that the chain was in need of some attention.


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Winter is here.

During the long winter months we here at HGC have some extra time on our hands,  this is a great time for site improvements and over hauls. Let us know what you think of the new site feel.

CBS World News


Gotta have a dongle.


We now accept credit cards!


A Day With HGC

The day starts at Paper Street Motors

prep some of the tools that will be needed for todays repairs

the office Fresh chain gives this bike new life. Driving Big Yellow to Detroit to pick up some supplies. Abandoned  building no, Detroit Cycle Supply yes!  This building is over 100 years old and has one of the areas oldest functioning elevators.

This is Charles he had a sign that said "Please Help" so I gave him a box on wheels full of cans that I was about to take to Meijers.

Repair going back to a customer.

Big Yellow is loaded and ready to head north to drop a repair and visit Pontiac Lake Rec.

Schlutow bike parking lot.


Mobile Shop

Old shot of our mobile shop, we needed more room and now have a shop but still do local pickups schedule yours today!


HomeGrownCycles is equipped with a fully mobile bike shop on wheels. Our Chevy diesel step van has been converted to a full bike shop that we use for repairs, pickups, and deliveries. Let us take the hassle out of having to lugg your bike to the shop, we do local pick up and can usually have the bike back to you in a few short days. We have all the tools and knowhow to get your bicycle ride ready