Coffee and a bike

This afternoon we stopped into the Weather Center Cafe in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for some coffee and Wifi. Walking down the sidewalk tot he cafe's entrance, our eyes were drawn this fine Kresge All Pro.

We walked through the peer side shop, with it's natural and slightly hippie vibe.. greeted by the scent of freshly roasted coffee with a hint of patchouli.  A pleasant gentleman took our order and handed us a number. We made our way to the "West Wing," which was an adjoining room, adorned with an eclectic mix of furniture and wall art. While Mel enjoyed a piping hot house blend coffee, Al sipped on his iced mocha (forgot to ask to hold the whip).

On a side note, Al accidentally went into the women's bathroom instead of the men's.... In his defense, they were merely labeled with a brass "W" and "M," so it can be seen as an innocent oversight. Thankfully, for Al, it was a single seater, so as to save him from the embarrassment of a gal walking in on him...or vice versa. A few minutes later, in the midst of us enjoying some pics and video clips of our trip thus far, Al heard his number being called, and went back to the counter to pick up the sandwich he had ordered: "The Twister." This sandwich, touted as the Weather Center's favorite veggie sandwich met Al's expectations, both aesthetically and tastefully (freshly baked french loaf bread topped with 2 cheeses, sprouts, greens, herbs, & a special house dressing).

We dinked around on our laptops a bit and agreed that we would map out some coffee shops along our route home (back through northern Wisconsin, through the U.P., and back home)... We will chronicle the simple adventure here... Don't worry, this will not be drawn out... We'll be heading back home Friday morning... With a 10 + hour drive back, the coffee shops will offer an additional bit of fun to the day :)... This also got us thinking: since we've a definite affinity for unique cafes and tasty coffee, we'd love to hear your great coffee shop finds.. and/or stories. p.s. Bean & Leaf, you'll always be #1 in our book 😉
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