Dyson you have some NERVE!

This post is completely unbicycle related sorry I must rant. Saw this fan walking through the grocery store, and though to my self interesting, until I saw the price....$329 !!! Why would you ever pay $329 for a fan?  This fan didn't even put out that much air and was very loud.  I would like to personally thank Dyson for another over priced pile of sh*t.   found a nice review on amazon that made me laugh. From  a user named Michigoon "You'll laugh yourself straight back in line for a refund once you figure out the secret behind this ridiculous device. The secret is that there is absolutely nothing bladeless about this device. What you're actually getting is a regular fan (inside the base) with a big ring on top that's designed, mostly, to confuse you into shelling out hundreds of dollars for a desk fan. Repeat that- there is a regular fan inside the base, and a weird thing on top to divert the air at you. Take any portable fan, stick it inside a PVC pipe with an angle on the end, and you'll get the same effect. It's just as noisy as a regular fan, it uses up the same power, it does not produce any more airflow (unless your old fan is getting really worn down). In fact if anything this is much less efficient than a regular desk fan, because instead of the air coming straight from the fan to you, now the air goes from the fan and through the big silly ring on top. It is not easier to clean, because you have to crack the base open to get at the fan if you ever decide to clean it, and I can't even imagine how you'd clean the top bit. So what does it actually do? It looks like a giant iPod accessory, and it costs ten times as much".
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