From The Stall

Now, inspiration struck me one day, long, long ago. I was in the Library at Oakland University, studying. I soon realized that I should “swing by the office” because I had to make a “conference call”. The bathroom of choice is on the basement floor. So I go down there, and I am doing my business, and I am reading the graffiti on the walls It says, “Rick Moranis has enormous horse balls”, and along side did other curious individuals (not unlike myself) put in their “two cents”. What compels a human to write such an outrageous claim? What a statement. I was in shock, I was baffled, I was confused. It was beautiful. It was poetic. It was the most astonishingly brilliant piece of literature that I had ever read I almost teared up. And at that very moment, I was struck with inspiration. This dark side of the human brain needs to be exposed. There needs to be light shed. This perverse nature needs to be available to the masses. So I wiped, I flushed, I conquered, and I set forth on my journey to make this dream into a reality. I definitely encourage you to snap a pic if you see something good and send it in to www.fromthestall.com, picture upload, or send them to doug@fromthestall.com. You might find your pic in the second edition of the book. Finally, I would like to apologize to anyone I may have disturbed with my flash while they were trying to take a poop. So check out the new bathroom-reading book "From the Stall"...it stinks. ~Doug Rice
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