Junker projects

The other day I was rummaging behind my parents' garage and noticed an old junker bicycle. I knew it would be perfect to make a fixed gear for my brother, Alex.  A few of us here at HomeGrownCycles like to tool around the city on our fixies, and have decided that we will soon be playing some bike polo.  This old junker bike would be great for polo and cruising around town. The only problem:  the bike was in our neighbor's yard.   I grew up in this house, playing in this yard, with this same scruffy man as my neighbor. But, in all of those years, I had seen this neighbor man maybe 3 times, total.  Not to mention, he and I had never spoken a word to one another. So I told Alex, "If you want the bike then suck it up and ask him for it."  Alex kindly declined as he presumed that if he went over there he may never come back, perhaps due to the stories we construed about our mystery neighbor during our childhood.  We decided that he couldn't stay in his house forever and kept a lookout for him. We noticed the neighbor man going down the driveway to get his mail. I asked if he was looking to get rid of the pile of junk, if so, I would gladly take it off his hands. He was happy to part with the bike and told me it may need some new tubes.  Not only did it need new tubes but everything else as well! But, over time, we will acquire parts for this bike and eventually replace this frame with a handmade HGC frame.  Until then we will document our progress on Alex's junker here on the blog. We invite you to comment and offer any suggestions you may have for this poor old bicycle.
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