Rod's Pool

With all the hot weather we have had lately many of us have had to resort to inexpensive energy saving methods of staying cool.  One way of cooling off is in a pool, although pools can be time consuming to set up and a pain to take care of... Intex easy set pools are a great solution.  We at HGC have recently set up one of these pools and found that a bag of water is not as simple as it looks.  We originally purchased the 12 footer but then discovered that Julie from JulesJewelsdesigns had one we could use.  So we transferred the water (in the dark) from one pool to another, using the pumps and hoses. Then realized that the pool was on uneven ground and wouldn't fill to capacity.  So we had to transfer the 2000 plus gallons over to the small pool again.  Some water was wasted during the transfer but most was conserved.  Next we moved the pool to at least 15 different spots in the yard until we agreed the 15 foot bag would fill properly. Perfectly level ground is a must in order to fill the pool completely.  During the final water transfer it began to downpour rain. For the first time in days, it was no longer hot, and the ice cold water from the tap was less than desirable.  We had a few Ideas on how to heat the water but didn't quite take it as far as the folks in the photo below. Pools are not our forte, and we will stick to what we are good at: bicycles.  (Dedicated to ROD)

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