Royal Oak 650-3

Animals and vehicles on sidewalks.

No person shall drive, lead or back any horse, mule, ox, cow or other animal, or team, cart or wheel carriage, or draw, push or otherwise propel any hand cart, wagon, truck, carriage, bicycle, motorcycle or operate any motor vehicle, on or along any sidewalk, in any highway or public place; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall prevent the crossing of any such sidewalk in the manner aforesaid, on what is commonly known as a "side drive." This section shall not be construed so as to prevent the removal of snow by the proper authorities from sidewalks with a snowplow drawn by a horse or horses, or attached to any tractor or motor, vehicle, nor the proper and safe crossing of any walk or curb temporarily by or for the owner of any lot where a permit shall have been obtained from the City Manager if such walk is properly protected under the terms of such permit. so next time a car honks because your riding your bike in the streets of Royal Oak feel free to site ordinance 650-3
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