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Tag: Royal Oak Bicycle repair


Shop updates

Today the shop received a much needed upgrade. I installed a furnace after first knocking a hole through the cinder block wall.  Four hours of hammer and chisel the furnace fit like a glove.  Next up, dig a 100 foot long trench and lay some black pipe.



IMG_20140120_225728_332 IMG_20140119_221032_757


In the rack 6-20-2012

Were a day behind. Yesterdays in the rack today.

Vintage Royal Oak Schwinn


In The Rack

Currently in the rack Matt's I-drive GT and Adam's Schwinn Woodland.


Recent Repair.

We recently had an old Fuji com in for an overhaul, and were quick to find the rear quick release axle was broken in half.  It being memorial weekend were low on replacement axles so we found a longer axel cut it to size, re-threaded, filed square and viola we had a custom axel in time for the customer to go out of town.



Raleigh Passage 4.0


Bearing Abuse

This is a picture of a standard bicycle axel (courtesy of sheldon brown), notice the cones are nice and smooth, this is what allows the bearings inside your wheels hub to glide smoothly. The cone and bearings of a hub assembly live a relatively peaceful life, the bearing caked in grease rolls smoothly over the cone with minimal friction.  Routine maintenance to your bicycle will greatly increase thechances of a long happy cone and bearing relationship.  If not properly cared for cone and bearings peaceful relationship will soon become strained and possibly lead to a domestic disturbance such was the case below.

Get your bicycle serviced don't let your cone become victim to bearing abuse. If you or any cone you know has become victim to bearing abuse get help now don't delay call 1-248-677-1360. Help is just a phone call away.