The Thundedrome Is Here.

The Thunderdrome is our racing series made for mopeds, scooters, road bicycles and mountain bicycles and takes place on the Dorais Velodrome in Detroit, MI. The ‘Drome is steeped in history – this is its tale.

Back in August, a group of renegade landscapers calling themselves The Mower Gang hit Dorais Park in Detroit, MI with tractors, hand tools and a fistful of determination. They literally uncovered a relic of a Detroit passed – a Velodrome, or banked racing track, built in the late 60?s amid the tensions and trials of the riots that broke out in the city only a few years prior to its completion.

In 1967 or ’68 Mike began the project that would become the Dorais Velodrome located on Outer Drive and Mound Roads. The facility was finished just in time for the ’69 Nationals to be held. In the same time frame when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon, Mike stepped out on the infield of the Dorais Velodrome to return track racing to Detroit, another monumental feat by a determined individual. The Dorais Track had a useful life of approximately 20 years…By the 90?s that track surface had deteriorated to the point it was good only for BMX…Once again Detroit was without a Velodrome. — Link
In the 80?s, car gangs set upon the ‘Drome to hold illegal races at night. The heavy weight of the cars shifted the concrete pads and severely damaged the surface on the inside of turns, making it too costly to repair for such little use Dorais sees. In the mid 90?s, a new Velodrome was being built outside of the city, far to the north in Rochester Hills – with that, Dorais Park was left to die. Snap forward to 2010. The weeds that have grown heartily between the cracks of Dorais’ venerable pavement have been chopped down and graded to form perfect, smooth seams between the cracked portions. The zealous foliage that has been obscuring the track from public view has been pruned back and groomed to present a large, study stone bowl that so many once knew so well. From the sweat of a few local optimists came a beautiful sight never seen: Dorais Park had been given a new lease on life and the opportunity to again host racing in earnest.

Detroit will never be as it once was; the rows upon rows of factory workers and their families have left for good. We believe in revitalization through reinvention – realizing the gifts our ancestors have given us are still here and still very real. Enter The Thunderdrome. We’re a racing outfit here to get Detroit’s road bike, mountain bike, scooter and moped racers back out into the bright, wide world and competing. The entry fees are just enough to cover the costs of the event – with real prizes, trophies and awards being given out to the victors. Spectating will always be free at every Thunderdrome event – forever. That’s our way of giving back to the community that’s given us the chance to do this at all. We welcome our spectators to become VIP Spectators by donating a minimum of $5 or more to the cause, which can be easily done onlineor at the door to the event.

All profits from Thunderdrome events will be used to maintain and update Dorais Park and the Velodrome. We’ll be taking over the repair, maintenance and general upkeep as long as people are still racing.

Let’s get to it.

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